Conference nerve buster for the solo traveller

By david on 15th October 2015

Conference nerve buster for the solo traveller

Conference nerve buster for the solo traveller.

I used to hate going to conferences on my own, the travel, the presentation nerves and feeling left out at break times; opting instead to see if I could create a stripped candy crush bomb before my coffee went cold.

But when it’s your job to sell your hotel as a conference venue you can’t avoid the big calendar expo dates and that means travelling away from home solo.  

Stimulate conference presentation engagement with Instagram

By david on 14th October 2015

How to get conference delegate engagement using Instagram

As a conference presenter it can be pretty soul destroying when you spot audience members tapping away on their mobiles and not paying attention to your presentation that took you two weekends to prepare whilst sacrificing the Great British Bake Off final.